Our Products

We supply our customers with the best price and quality of steel products available in the international steel market. With the years of experience our company is capable of tailor made solutions for the customers needs by using the supply channels developed through the decades.  Please see the products we are importing below and follow us closely for new products to come.





Rebar provides tensile and yield strength to reinforce concrete. It is produced from steel billets in accordance with ASTM A615 specifications and is available in grades 40 and 60. Other grades, such as low-alloy ASTM A706 and Gr 75 are available upon request.

REBAR In coil

Rebar in Coils are available in ASTM standards as well. Due to our various supply channels Intermetal Rebar is most of the times capable of supplying both spooled and loose coils to its customers.


Intermetal Rebar is also capable of supplying various qualities of Wire Rod. As well as the commercial grades we will be able to supply low carbon Wire Rods as per our customers needs

PC Strand

Intermetal Rebar imports PC strand (1/2″  and 1/2″ special) from different producers. This allows our customers the best quality product at the most reasonable prices.

Wires and Mesh

As our bulk shipments of Rebar and Coils; to meet our customers needs we do import galvanised and annealed wire as well as Steel Mesh.